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I hope you’re prepared for your jaw to literally drop. As the finale to my spring break, I decided to treat myself by allowing time to browse realty sites in search of dream homes. I’ve come to accept that I have a severe case of “home addictivism.” It seems to be a very potent virus, and its key symptoms are procrastination and consuming too much time watching HGTV. I’ve heard it’s contagious, so continue reading with caution!

Tonight’s destination is Fort Collins, Colorado. I’ve always dreamed of someday retiring in the beautiful foothills of the mountains. In my mind, I picture darling brooks that run through rigged mountains blooming with wildflowers and being grazed by wild horses. I like to think my dad’s John Wayne movie obsession is guilty for encouraging my imagination.

However, in reality, a month ago I actually rode a horse, and let me tell you, God did not bless me with horse sense. I’m fairly confident my friend’s horse had never heard the phrase “Whoa” used with such aggression nor so repetitively in its life. Graceful is just not my style, especially when I mount a 1,000-pound horse.

It wasn’t my sister’s either….

Much to her surprise, she reenacted her old days of “mutton busting” on her horse, but rather than falling two feet off a sheep, she took a five foot plunge from her horse into a mud puddle. Priceless as it was, I’m grateful her guardian angel was on board that day. I guess all I have to say is God bless cowboys/girls!

But, if my horse skills do happen to improve and God has destined my journey for Colorado, I think I’d prefer to live in the dream home you’ll find below. Words can’t possibly describe how unbelievably fascinating this home is. It offers the cozy mountain escape you think of when you hear “Colorado,” yet it’s very classy. I adore the open floor plan, wood floors, and privacy this home offers. Okay, house inspectors, it’s time for you to take a peak! Let me know what you think! What does your dream home look like?!

I pray God fills your week with many blessings!

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Want more details on this home? Check it out at: http://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/5450-Tirranna-Ct_Fort-Collins_CO_80524_M26973-26758?source=web