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Just To Make Your Friday a Tad Bit 

Personally, I think food can always qualify as a source of inspiration, especially when we’re talking about incredible desserts! So, here’s a quick bite of our inspiration for today.

Earlier this week, Ellie and I had to make a brief pit stop at the newest, cutest little cupcake shop in town. It’s called Kaffekiks, and it’s absolutely adorable! The birthday girl had to eat double the cupcakes for me and her since it’s Lent! And…all she could say when she bit into these heavenly delights was “AMAZING!”

We even had a chance to meet with the owner, Deborah Molzen (below). She was such a hoot and even offered to give us a quick history update on the little shop. Creatively, her son and her named the shop Kaffekiks because “Kaffe” represents coffee and “kiks” is the Danish word for biscuit. One of their specialties is homemade Kaffekiks, which are similar to biscottis, but aren’t baked twice. And, they sell bargain coffee and sodas for 75 cents. Now that’s calling my name!

So, like any polite customers would do, we simply HAD to try a biscotti, of course, among other things!

Here’s a sneak peak at the amazing cases full of scrumptious desserts. I don’t even know if Betty Crocker herself could top Deborah!

And, they have a cute little nook to dine at, as well. Coffee + Cupcake + WiFi Internet= Perfect Saturday morning. I’m pretty sure Kaffekiks is the ideal location for a little girls’ tea party!

These German chocolate balls are totally on the list of goodies for next time. They look heavenly, and I bet they taste even better!

Cheers to a SWEET Friday! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Blessings, Brooke